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In Brunei Darussalam, the communication system is becomeing better and faster to help to serve the vast population.
Par with the best in South East Asia, Jabatan Telekom Brunei (Telecom Department of Brunei) serving the country with fixed phones and  also two earth satellites for world wide International Direct Dial ( IDD) to get linked with all over the world.

Postal Service
Postal services of Brunei Darussalem is trying and still improving the country's postal services to the more remote area of the country. Most hotel have postal service at thier front desk. They provide fast services for the country and deliver to other country with air services.

Brunei had set up the internet services for a few years. With BruNet it allows full access information super high way. It offers its customers with the various services such as the Electronic mail ( E- Mail ), World Wide Web ( WWW), Internet Bulletine Board System ( BBS), and many other services, too.

The national tlevision network, Radio Television Brunei (RTB), trasmit program locally and overseas. You can access CNN, BBC, Star TV, and others satellite TV programs with a decoder. This service is widely subscribed by the hotels and is free of charge.

Radio Sevices
Radio Brunei began broadcasting in 1957, consistiong 2 network. One in Malay and other in English, Chinese and Gurkhali. Others programme is also available in the (FM) mode.

News Paper
The only local daily paper in Brunei is the 'Borneo Billetin' , which covers
both local and international news. Foreign newspaper and magazines are also
available in many shops, bookstores and hotels.

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